Seven Habits of Responsible Students

1. They Set Goals
Goals keep kids focused on the future. They focus on what's important and what's not. If they have a vision of where they want to go, they're more likely to get there. Students that set goals for themselves find it easier to say "NO" to irresponsible behaviors. It becomes easier because the are saying "YES" to their vision of the FUTURE.

2. They Plan Their Time
Teaching children about organizational skills from an early age sets them up for SUCCESS in life. Teach them how to be responsible about their homework or even preparing for a test.

3. They Study Everyday
Learning something new takes time and commitment. Responsible students set aside time for their studies everyday! If no homework is given, let them review something they have been struggling in. Great opportunity to study for spelling or learn new vocabulary.

4. They Take Notes and Listen In Class
Teach your child how to take notes and become a good listener in class. Responsible students make good grades because they have learned that the teacher always goes over what's most important and what will be on the test.

5. They Have The Tools They Need
A carpenter wouldn't think of showing up without a hammer. A nurse always has a stethoscope. Students should always go to class with pencils, paper and all the other tools they need.

6.They Keep Their Commitment
Responsible students keep their commitments to others and to themselves. Students are successful because they do their assignments well and on time. A great way for students to learn about commitment is by example. Talk to your child(ren) about commitments you have made.

7. They Get Ready Ahead of Time
Make sure your child gets up on time, this helps them set the mood for their day. Help your child take 10 minutes at bedtime to get ready for the next day. Setting out their clothes, ALL homework in their backpacks, help them prepare their lunch for the next day.

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